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Chengdu, Machini shoes industry co., LTD., the predecessor of the chengdu  silver cloud shoe factory "was established in 1987, is the first private leather   shoes factory of chengdu. Mainly engaged in the domestic market in 1987-   1995 men's shoes design, production and sales. 1995 start against the         Russian market design, production and sales of leather shoes. In 2003 in      chengdu, it's shoes industry co., LTD., established in shuangliu peng town     covers an area  of 100 acres of modern footwear production......

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Factory wholesale leather shoe straps with buckles,12 inch high heels sandals ankle strappy heels


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Chengdu Footwear Industry has become the fastest growing area of China's shoemaking industry
Chengdu Footwear Industry has become the fastest growing area of China's shoemaking industry
Warm congratulations on successful website launching of Chengdu Machini Shoes Co., Ltd.!
Warm congratulations on successful website launching of Chengdu Machini Shoes Co., Ltd.!
Your opinions and suggestions will be appreciated.
Your opinions and suggestions will be appreciated. Previous post:Warm congratulations on successful website launching of Chengdu Machini Shoes Co., Ltd.!