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Chengdu, it's shoes industry co., LTD., the predecessor of the chengdu silver cloud shoe factory "was established in 1987, is the first private leather shoes factory of chengdu. Mainly engaged in the domestic market in 1987-1995 men's shoes design, production and sales. 1995 start against the Russian market design, production and sales of leather shoes. In 2003 in chengdu, it's shoes industry co., LTD., established in shuangliu peng town covers an area of 100 acres of modern footwear production base, become the largest shoe companies in chengdu area at that time.
Since 1995, the company independent brand Baciye in eastern Europe and central Asia countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Baciye successively registered in 32 countries, 2006 Baciye "chengdu independent export brand" title. In 2005 the company passed ISO9001-2008 certification, was awarded "national export type enterprise", "customs green channel enterprise", "national quality credit enterprise", "the chengdu local famous quality products" and so on the title.
In 2007 the company began to shrink capacity, increase investment in research and development design, strengthening the technical reform process, will do mass into and stronger power. During 2007-2013, the independent brand Molka lambs wool female boots in the Russian market sell like hot cakes for a long time, let them shoes industry co., LTD., chengdu man become China's largest producer of leather female lamb fur boots.
International footwear companies face the future fierce change form, will, as always, adhere to their feet on the ground, the concept of continuous innovation, continuous improvement, make the company become a social sense of responsibility, the international competitiveness of enterprises in one hundred.