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Fashion shoes with fish head


Fashion shoes with fish head

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Very trendy, very stylish of a shoe, for girls, are Dizhibuzhu temptation will be moved by tilting models. In front of fashion, shoes, fish head also has a place of its own. Therefore, the popular things that can easily lead to JM vision. And spread to the selection of wedding shoes to go above.
Chocolate personally feel is inappropriate to make shoes, fish head wedding shoes. For the following reasons:
1, contrary to the traditional customs, can not let the elders accepted
When the conflict of tradition and fashion, we do about it?
The views of elders, can not say is accepted, can not say no to being taken seriously. The bones can not accept, destined to choose something, they will find out this fall, does not meet the Chinese people's point of view, but not beautiful. Totally inappropriate when coming out of the marriage.
Chocolate think we should respect some of the old things, should respect the views of elders, so we should know how to adapt. Adapt to the phenomenon itself, so we should avoid, avoid what they do not like.
2, the foot is relatively high, so the need for caution
Attractive feet or not, related to the effect of wedding shoes, related to the visual impact, if ugly feet, not only is no beauty, but people feel very uncomfortable. If so why to choose? This would be meaningless choice, everything will be lost meaning.
Chocolate feel, combined with their own is also very important, try to make their own advantages into full play out the downside, sometimes still should do some modifications.
3, high-heeled <strong> fish head shoes </ STRONG>, in order to have effect
High heels, by definition, must have a certain now. To wear clothing effect, to get through feeling. So for this still very luxurious. Fish head with high-heeled shoes and is a perfect match, but also a reflection of the best. So pay attention to this match. But the effect of bringing high-heeled, is will be very tired, worn day is the people in trouble. So questionable in.
Chocolate feel, high-heeled effect is very good, but it takes time and effort, if you can not adapt, or do not choose ah, or else too much of yourself. So we should be careful of.
4, to find the right season, in order to have this kind of effect
Season determines the types and effects of shoes, this is still very effective. Fish head for the season still has some limitations. To know how to grasp the limits of which, it is more conducive to the choice of shoes. This requires a personal feel. We still need a degree of certainty.
Chocolate feel the effect of the impact of the season, it is still very large. Therefore, we must increase our vigilance, choice, choose there is the most appropriate.
5, grasp the weather is a very important factor in
If it rains, there is no thought, shoes, fish head will be affected. The unpredictable weather is what I can not think, can not know an important point. So choose the time, if a little unadventurous, perhaps encountered unexpected, will be easier to deal with it.
Chocolate feel, weather related to the shoes, if it rains, the shoes will be affected, regardless of the effect or shape, will be affected. This is a bad situation ah. So be aware of.
When it comes to the choice of fish head shoes, wedding shoes, chocolate can not help but talk about the selection of some of the small details. Do not overlook the importance of these details, ah, or to arouse our attention. Only the importance to make the effect more prominent. Oh, it is worth reminding the details for any time is crucial.
[Select] wedding shoes small details:
1, with the height, in the end the number of suitable
Height of the heel, surface in a sense, determines the height of the bride. So for the heel height it is very important. Not too high, too high will be very tired. Too low, too low, the body will feel tall enough. So choose with moderate, it is the most sensible. But also to feel more comfortable to wear.
Chocolate feel, heel height and groom still have a certain relationship, in conjunction with the groom to choose, to see two people together feel so wise. But also for the effect of the day, it is advantageous.
2 is better to have the tape, and more easy to wear fixed
Tape easier for fixed shoes to wear, because for the wedding day, the bride is required to wear the day. More fixed, more fitting shoes, is more conducive to walking and mood of the day. So the tape at this time it has played a very good to do with. Let comfort will be greatly increased.
Chocolate think that this would be the time to choose some tips, pay attention to this style, try to choose such a style, or a form of protection for their own Oh.
3, material comfort, it is important
Shoes material, seems to require our attention. Cowhide or sheepskin shoes would be more comfortable, there will be a feeling in the feet to wear not wear. Our feet need such treatment, it is necessary to select the type of shoes, should not choose too hard material, such as bright skin, though nice, but uncomfortable. Comfortable or to the first place.
Chocolate feel, no matter what time, are to be comfortable in the first place. On your feet a little better, a little better you should choose a pair of shoes material.
4, pay attention to the shoes above modifications, will play a finishing touch
Shoes above bow, sequins, lace, lace, pearls, no doubt for the modification of shoes, but also for a modification of the foot. So if you like, be bold choice of these decorative things, shiny decoration will make your shoes more color in.
Chocolate liked bow effect, we want to choose this wedding shoes decorated. You want your wedding shoes with a shiny place.
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