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Summer, how to match flat shoes


Summer, how to match flat shoes

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What to wear very comfortable yet stylish shoes? Not feminine high-heeled shoes, but they put down your heel, but still beautiful and stylish flat shoes. When it comes to flat shoes, the first impression is "comfortable" word. Indeed, compared to the 7CM charming, 5CM skilful, about 1CM wearing flat shoes on the feet can be considered in terms of a kind of enjoyment. But most people think it should be tall girl flat shoes patent. In actual fact, just find with the essentials, no one can wear flat shoes to elegant and sweet. They would have to learn under a flats with skills.
Flats with a method
It can be used with flat shoes or minimalist style with casual clothing. If with pencil pants very "boom", with a flowing skirt is very refreshing.
Flats with Method Two
If you have beautiful ankles, smooth skin, I do not mean to expose come. To roll up your pants, walking the crowd, shining round flat shoes will certainly attract people's attention. And a moderate degree of exposed skin, it can lengthen the lower body of the visual effects, make up the wearer's height aspect.
Flats with Method three
When nine points jeans and flat shoes with, note that jeans must be tight, do not need too complicated decoration, a loose knit sweater is a good choice.
Flats with Method Four
Flats + mini skirt, graceful, like going back to school days. Just complement each other in casual jeans and casual flat shoes. If you have a pair of legs that could not be better. If not, then refer to the following picture to match it. Short denim skirt, shoes buckle forward, exposed to a wide range of leg, will be able to transfer visual, people think you are very slender proportions. Forward buckle maintained the continuity of the visual, small bow adds to the likeability of the whole body with.
Flats with Method five
The woman can not be too serious to work, but can not forget the company's dress code. Then choose a pair of both beautiful and comfortable yet capable flat header shoes. Coupled with pantyhose, white shirt, and confident wearing certainly give your work usually brings a good mood. However, the great occasions and dinners not avoid wearing flat shoes.
Flats with Method six
Flat shoes and denim shorts as the hot weather of choice for a single product. In the match, loose coat is the key to create a relaxed and comfortable street style.
Flats with Method 7
Black windbreaker very gas field, with a black lace pant and casual flat shoes adds natural style.
Flats with Method 8
A pair of white patent leather flat shoes with a loose nine points jeans and sweater retro flavor.
Flats with the way nine
Printing pencil pants elegant type, phosphor pointed flat shoes is suck the eye, modeling chic and stylish shoes, very suitable for image capable girls.
Flats with the way ten
Nude color is the most popular color of the moment, nude pink skirt and flat shoes nude color is a good match, both to show off a good color, but piercing and intellectual charm.
For girls, shopping is a matter of open interest, but also a tiring thing. Double comfortable flat shoes is better to choose it. Followed by about 1 foot just comfortable height, ignoring the discomfort of the foot to ensure you shopping good mood. Flats color is the most beautiful and rich, classic, pure white and black is not much, but the use of yellow, blue, pink, purple and bright red which is full of summer colors. Most casual flat shoes, no restrictions on age, temperament, most notably Pretty tall stature, and with a luxurious nail bead, gold or patent leather flat shoes may also attend the dinner.