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Summer flat shoes, understated elegance


Summer flat shoes, understated elegance

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Occasionally wear sneakers to do exercise, people feel comfortable flat shoes suddenly miss. Whether work or go out, wear high-heeled shoes to wear good-looking, but a long time will be tired, sometimes whim want to buy a pair of shoes to wear, but gradually neglected box of flat shoes. Flats not play, not dazzling, understated elegance, the same fashion.
01 Flats important to be comfortable, so to loose uppers, leather should be soft, to look beautiful, but also non-slip soles, actually a little better than many of the requirements of selected pair of high heels simple. This shoe fit the foot rear stitching design, round with a bow, casual style sweet endearing.
Opening 02 and a half deep, fringed bows, with flat bottom, this style are popular for many years, I remember small series after the first university to buy flat shoes is the style. This style flat shoes very convenient and pants, jeans, casual pants, leggings and a pair of shoes with a very appropriate, there will be no unexpected feeling feet long.
03 This is a PU surface shoes, advanced production technology, the PU leather texture, comfortable and has a price advantage. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the accumulation of a lot of international brands of shoes processing plants, they have advanced international standards process, so do not worry about the quality of the shoe. Retro blue, neutral wild; beaded bow, generous fashion, shoe reveal a delicate sweetness.
04 Peas shoes, is the sole means Peas shaped particles. These particles have a non-slip soles usually tendon material, flexible, resistant to bending and folding, especially for big events often walk MM. Classic black, dirt good care, flower decoration, beautiful and generous, cow split leather soft and comfortable to wear.
05 sports shoes style, shoes texture. Hollow breathable, allowing real leather ensures good circulation with the outside world. Leather sports shoes comfortable breathable effect, is the most important feature of this shoe, not used to wearing sneakers MM can try. Watermelon red color, from summer to autumn is still fashionable.
06 red flat casual, this shoe is designed for the person driving. Foot deep, black rubber sole, upper cross straps adjustable elastic. Use while driving shoe sole requirement is not so high on the contrary, the degree of fit of the shoe are higher, deep and adjustable elastic uppers great to meet the requirements.
07 neutral blue gem, used in shoes have a fashion neutral taste. Matte leather, a casual atmosphere with a kind, simple upper curve, full European and American fashion. This is a suitable for urban OL's flat shoes, regardless of work or out, can cope with comfort.